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تلوث البيئة
تلوث البيئة

تلوث البيئة
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"Tips to choose the right ladies sandal

Sandals are not just footwear, they are more a fashion accessory; but most women buy sandals casually. Especially average working women and housewives buy ladies sandals from anywhere, may be from the footpath seller, any non-branded shop or online. Women sandals, today form an integral part of women's fashion and ladies, you cannot take them lightly.

Here are few tips to make the right choice while buying ladies sandal

Do not buy ladies sandal just for the price: Most women I know of wear ladies sandals just because they are getting the women's sandals at a cheap, throw away price. This attitude is not correct. You need to buy ladies sandals that suit your personality, your dress, the occasion etc. Price because secondary. Please do not buy ladies sandals from roadside vendors or non-branded shops they actually cheat you.

Buy ladies sandals online: You should try to buy ladies sandals online because of the following reasons. First is that you can compare between products, stores and material sitting at the comfort of your home. Second reason being you get more the best price online. Buying online also helps you get it delivered at your doorstep, most of the time, at no extra cost."
"Quality matter: I have never heard any men's shoes peeling off on the road one fine morning but most of the time it is the ladies sandals that rip off any odd time. This has also been highlighted in many Bollywoods flicks. One of the reasons could be that women do not put much thought while buying women sandal unlike men who are not only stress for durability but also style. Remember to check your ladies sandal for quality the next time you are round the corner buying women sandal. Pull them hard, bend them, check for cracks and wear and tears. Wear them and feel if they are comfortable enough to spend those hard earned bucks.

Do not fall for replicas: It is understandable that shoes worn by celebrities are high on demand and hard to resist but getting a cheap replica is a big no. Wait for some time and save enough money to buy a high quality original shoes that look similar to the original even if not from the same designer. Shoes are not to wear and move out they are also meant as style quotient. "
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تاريخ الإنضمام: 29.05.2016
التعليقات: 118
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